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Ryan Cameron

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Human Potential

Degree Program B.S. Information Technology (BSIT)

Professor Ryan M. Cameron joined Walden University as a contributing faculty member in 2012. Professor Cameron or "Dr. C" as he prefers to be called, holds a master’s degree in computer information systems and a doctorate in education. His research area of interest is centered on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in higher education.

Dr. C began his career as an emerging technology lobbyist and advocate for making wireless spectrum commercially available to support innovation in global information systems (GIS). Dr. C has also worked for Fox and CBS television as a line producer, at technology start-ups, and in not-for-profit organizations before dedicating his career to information technology (IT) and education. As an IT manager, Dr. C has over 20 years of experience with IT project management, software development, quality assurance, IT service and support, client-based and enterprise-level software and hardware management. As an educator, Dr. C has been teaching information technology, management, and other courses on-ground and online for over 15 years.

Dr. C believes that anyone can reach his or her goals if they truly believe that they can. As a big proponent of having a positive attitude in all things, Dr. C feels that all challenges can be overcome and that challenges are an essential element to personal and professional success.


BA, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, IL United States

MS, University of Phoenix - Phoenix, AZ United States

EdD, American College of Education - Indianapolis, IN United States

Public Service

Todd Benson Scholarship for Leadership in Business and Management, Judge - Minneapolis, MN United States

American Heart Association, Volunteer - Omaha, NE United States

Philippine Jesuit Foundation , Volunteer

Toys for Tots, Volunteer - Omaha, NE United States


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