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Robert Banasik

Contributing Faculty
Robert Banasik

College of Management and Technology

School of Management

Degree ProgramDoctor of Business Administration (DBA)

He has been a life-long entrepreneur and started his first company when he was 21. That company was a retail camera shop that grew to four stores in four years. He later established a photofinishing lab and digital imaging center that flourished gaining a 27% market share against 18 local competitors by using innovation and product differentiation.
He lives in Bethel, Connecticut USA with his wife, Carol, and has raised two daughters and now enjoys two granddaughters. Current pursuits include commercial real estate investing, business consulting, golf, and teaching.
Bob has been teaching business courses at the graduate level for since 2012 and has been privileged to work with some really talented colleagues and students. His work at Walden University includes teaching at residencies, facilitating classes, and mentoring students through the doc study process as their committee chair, second committee member (SCM), or university research reviewer (URR). As a former student at Walden, Bob has great respect for the infrastructure and processes created here to help students achieve their goals.

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