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Patricia Parham

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Human Potential

Degree Program M.S. Leadership

For the past 10 years, Patricia A. Parham, PhD, has had the extreme good fortune to teach what she loves – leadership and management, change and organization development, and consultation and coaching -- at all levels of higher education, including dissertation mentoring. As her joy in teaching has grown, she was introduced to Walden University and joined as contributing faculty a year ago.

Working as an organization development professional for the past 25 years, Parham Enterprises facilitates organizational change and coaches executives, workers and teams into higher levels of performance. Her passion lies in revolutionizing work places to support the maximum development of employees, vendors, owners and all stakeholders by clarifying goals and outcomes, generating commitment and loyalty, and coordinating activities to capture synergies. She has helped companies increase revenues, improve safety records and align divisions around goals which appeared to conflict.

Early on, Dr. Parham helped to evaluate many educational and social programs sponsored by the Federal government and foundations through the American Institutes for Research, specializing in formative and summative evaluations and technical assistance in program development. Some of these programs focused on community development, a direct outgrowth of her doctorate in Community Psychology from the U. of Texas at Austin and B.A. in Psychology from Smith College. Current research interests include leadership, diversity and inclusion, empowerment and how these correlate with organizational performance.

Always finding time to work towards positive social change, Dr. Parham consults to educational and arts programs and non-profits, often focusing on board development and strengthening their relationships with staff and has served on a number of volunteer boards. She helped a non-profit board work more effectively in a group coaching contract that ended December 2016. Dr. Parham currently co-leads Project Reach Out, a volunteer program providing information to spiritual seekers. Interested in leadership and power, she also offers a public workshop for individual development, Transforming Your Shame into Worthiness.