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Nancy Johnson

Contributing Faculty

School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Johnson grew up in North Central Louisiana during the 60's and 70's. Her father was a professor at the University in town, so she always knew she would go to college. Dr. J had realized that she understood and enjoyed mathematics by the time she was in 7th grade, so math was her destiny. Although she started out as a biology major, planning to become a physical therapist the curriculum did not have enough math to suit her. In the end, she earned a degree in math education and a master's degree in pure mathematics (very abstract). The project she worked on at the time had no practical use then, but it was later part of the basis for Internet encryption and now has other uses. Her doctorate focused on mathematics education. At her on ground college she has recently developed a Pre-Statistics class to prepare students mathematically to take Elementary Statistics.
Dr. J believes that Math is created and then uses are found - it's always evolving. Sharing mathematical concepts with students is her passion. She has been teaching for more than 30 years.
For about 10 years she has taught undergraduate mathematics online at Walden University, mainly teaching Statistics. She has also taught the algebra courses.
She has many interests besides mathematics, including quilting, learning to make jewelry with metal clay, and reading, and traveling. She has recently visited Europe, the Grand Canyon, the East Coast and then into the Eastern Provinces of Canada, the West Coast, and the San Juan Islands.

Courses Taught

STAT 3001 - Statistical Methods


BS, Louisiana Tech University - Ruston, LA United States

MS, Louisiana Tech University - Ruston, LA United States

PhD, University of South Florida - Tampa, United States

Public Service

Girl Scouts of America, Volunteer - Bradenton, FL United States


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Johnson, N. R. (2015). Teaching Statistics for Beginners. American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges.