Monny Sklov

Contributing Faculty
College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology

I have been a practicing industrial psychologist and a corporate executive since earning my doctorate in psychology from Tulane University, majoring in statistics. For 15 years I was a management and human resource consultant and have worked with such companies as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Amtrak, Starbux, Dell, etc. I’ve been a Vice President and Managing Director with two publicly held companies, respectively, and still consult when I fall off my surfboard. I don't really surf – just wanted to say that.

I’ve been teaching doctoral level statistics for 12 years at Walden University, so I've encountered hundreds of students. I’ve published articles in journals and magazines from medicine & chemistry to psychology & GAMES MAGAZINE. I just published a book entitled, How Long Will It Take?, a collection of 50 brain teasers.

The picture of me on the internet is deceiving. My head is not wider than it is long.

And I’d offer up the following quips:
Roller-coaster hound (ret.)
Bowled 300 in league as 18 yr-old
Loving parent and spouse
Radical film critic
Road traveler

Courses Taught

RSCH 8250 - Multivariate Statistics

RSCH 8200 - Doctoral Statistics


BA, California State University, Northridge

MA, San Diego State University

PhD, Tulane University