Mary Ann Garbowski

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

Currently reside in Pennsylvania but I have lived in many areas throughout the country as I am serving on active duty as a hospital administrator in the Air Force since 1997. During this time I have lived in Washington DC, Hawaii, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California and Maryland and have also had the opportunity to spend extensive time in Ecuador, Indonesia, Philippines, East Timor, Bangladesh, and Mongolia. I have taught many military courses and enjoy working with students in the online setting. In my spare time I enjoy the theater and music. In addition, I enjoy singing in the church choir and participating in Fine Arts with the youth group. My course work has covered a wide range of topics within organizational leadership and I really enjoy doing research. I am committed to an interdisciplinary approach to scholarship and teaching, and all of my classes are structured with this in mind. I strive to cultivate an interactive environment in which students can express themselves freely while learning to engage with the past in meaningful ways especially with the use of the Internet for learning. So I'm hoping that you will really find this class enjoyable and insightful. Hopefully this training and exchange of information will help steer you in whatever chosen profession you end up working in. I have experienced cyber education for over 10 years