Martha Giles

Academic Coordinator
College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology

Dr Giles is a licensed psychologist in the state of Minnesota. She has worked for Walden almost 15 years as full time faculty in the School of Psychology and now is the Research coordinator for CSBS. Her research interests are pretty varied; from juvenile justice to aging, and from day treatment to skill acquisition in hybrid courses. I guess one could say that she likes learning about anything that strikes her interest. She is a Walden grad, so there really is a light at the end of the tunnel :)


MA, St. Mary's University

BA, Loretto Heights College

MA, St. Mary's University

PhD, Walden University


Stadtlander, L. M., Giles, M. J., Sickel, A. E. (2013). The Virtual Research Lab: Research Outcomes Expectations, Research Knowledge, and the Graduate Student Experience. Journal of Educational Research and Practice


Stadtlander, L. M., Sickel, A. E., Lacivita, L. K., Giles, M. J. (2017). Age Differences in Walden Faculty’s Satisfaction and Commitment. Poster presented at Walden University Summer Session, Washington DC.. Walden University