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Mark Seals

Contributing Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

School of Education and Professional Licensure

Degree Program M.S. Education (MSEd)

I have been a professor for over 15 years. I taught such classes as Elementary Science and Social Studies, Introduction to Secondary Teaching, Principals of Secondary Teaching, Exploring Teaching, Curriculum and Assessment, and a spring term class entitled “ Teaching in the Andes”. My other primary responsibilities included being a University Supervisor for student teachers. My main area of research interest involved the phenomenon of caring between the teacher and student and how it impacted the teaching and learning environment. I have been an instructor for every class that Walden offers in its program so I am familiar with the materials and the assignments that you will be doing. I spent 12 years teaching high school science in public schools (Wyoming and Idaho), taught courses at Purdue University and have given many national, regional and state presentations in regards to the ethic of care. Dr. SealsI have always been a student of science, I was a science teacher for 12 years in Lyman, Wyoming and Hailey, Idaho (Biology and Physical Science) and was a science education professor at Alma College in Alma Michigan, the Director of Teacher Education (Eugene ,Oregon) at Pacific University and most recently, a Director in the School of Teaching and Learning at Bowling Green State University.

I have a lot of incredible experiences as a biologist and science educator that really started as a high school science teacher in both Lyman, Wyoming (five years) and Hailey, Idaho (six years) where I taught biology, physical science, earth science, marine biology and other related courses while also coaching football, girls and boys basketball and girls track. It was during these years where I truly learned the content of science and the huge importance of relationship building and pleasing the customer – in fact it is all about the customer/s or student/s and what they need and desire. Particularly in teaching, I shared teaching strategies that allowed my teacher candidates at all my colleges to be able to connect with the students to keep them at the forefront of all we do. I also loved the school experience of sharing the love of the outdoors with all my students and pre-candidate teachers and it was there, in the “teaching trenches,” I knew I wanted to make a greater impact – by teaching and preparing science teacher candidates in higher education to influence our children of today for the outdoor world.


PhD, Purdue University - West Lafayette, IN, IN United States

Awards / Honors

Faculty Excellence Award, Alma College, 2013