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Lynn Wilson

Contributing Faculty

College of Health Sciences and Public Policy

Degree Program Ph.D. Public Policy and Administration

Dr. Wilson is a Contributing Faculty member for Walden University’s Public Policy and Administration doctoral program. She is also Executive Director/CEO for the global research and education non-governmental organization, SeaTrust Institute. She is the organizational head of delegation at United Nations meetings including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, RIO+20, is a supporter/ member of the UN Global Compact and belongs to a number of professional organizations in public administration, environmental science, and education.

Dr. Wilson has extensive educational and training experience in both formal and informal settings. As an online educator, she has served as graduate faculty and academic chair, as well as developed a suite of educational programs for children and adults in environmental awareness and climate change resilience. She has authored books, articles, blogs and other media as an academic writer, photographer, science writer and journalist, has led international research projects, and served in consultation to governmental and community teams in the US, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

Dr. Wilson lives in Port Townsend, Washington. She enjoys being out on the water whenever possible, locally-sourced culinary explorations, and sings in community choruses.

Courses Taught

PPPA 8542 - Transformative Change in a Shared Power World

PPPA 8332 - NGOs in the Global Context

PPPA 9000 - Dissertation


BA, University of Oklahoma

MEd, Central State University

PhD, Union Institute & University

Public Service

SeaTrust Institute, Head of Delegation, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Global

Awards / Honors

Ambassador: Science Connect, 2009


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