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Lynda Crawford

Contributing Faculty

College of Nursing

Degree Program Ph.D. Nursing

Dr. Crawford has taught nursing for more than 30 years. She has served as Associate Dean of Ground Nursing for Kaplan University and Assistant Dean and Professor for Resurrection University, Chicago, IL. She has taught at Emory and Rutgers universities and served as Associate Dean of Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies. Formerly in senior management of the National League for Nursing and National Council of State Boards of Nursing, she has also lectured and presented in South Africa, Canada, Taiwan, Korea, Ireland and Australia. She has published monographs related to nursing regulation and articles in journals such as the Journal of Nursing Education. Dr Crawford taught nursing education, research, policy, and ethics for Walden University in 2009-2011 and rejoined the faculty in 2018.


BSN, West Virgina University - Morgantown , WV United States

Masters of Nursing, Emory University - Atlanta, GA United States

PhD, Georgia State University - Atlanta, GA United States

Awards / Honors

Excellence in Research Award, Resurrection University, 2011

Pennacle Leader Award, 2013

Daisy Award for Faculty, 2013


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