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Linda Evans

Contributing Faculty

College of Nursing

Degree ProgramPh.D. Nursing

Dr. Linda Evans is a Contributing Faculty member at Walden University in the nursing doctoral programs. Dr. Evans holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and a PhD in Nursing with a concentration in nursing research. She earned a certificate in “Climate Change and Health” from the Yale University School of Public Health.

Dr. Evans had over 30 years of experience at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, complimented by a wide variety of professorial positions in academia. Possessing a true passion for all aspects of nursing education, her experiences include: undergraduate and graduate level course design and delivery in both the classroom and online environments; clinical education of professional and ancillary staff members; program development in academic and professional nursing settings; development of competency assessments and validations; and ongoing staff professional development.

Dr. Evans’ area of research expertise is as one of the leading nurse scientists who has studied the experiences related to facial transplantation. She published the first nurse-authored peer-reviewed manuscript on the topic in the journal, Nursing Research, and in other peer-reviewed journals. These inaugural papers include A historical, clinical, and ethical overview of the emerging science of facial transplantation, and The experiences of the health care team members involved in facial transplant surgery and patient care. Most recently, she co-authored a book chapter on vascularized composite allografts published in the second edition of the Core Curriculum for Transplant Nurses text, was a contributing author in Primary care: A collaborative practice, 6th Edition and was a co-author/recipient of the Editor’s Choice “Exemplary Resource” Award from MedEdPORTAL Publications for Ebola emergency preparedness: simulation training for frontline health care professionals.


PhD, University of Massachusetts Worcester - Worcester, MA United States

MSN, Salem State University - Salem, MA United States

BS, University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, MA United States

Certificate, Yale University - New Haven, United States


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