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Lequisha Brown Joseph

Contributing Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

School of Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy

Degree ProgramDoctor of Education (EdD)

Dr. Lequisha Brown-Joseph currently serves as a Contributing Faculty member for Walden University facilitating courses in the College of Education while also serving as EDD chair and committee member. She is originally from New Orleans, LA and currently resides in Southern CA.

Dr. Brown-Joseph believes education itself represents an open door to new possibilities in life. Her motto is “what you don’t agree with, change through the proper guidelines”. Her educational philosophy statement is based on one of our most famous western philosophers John Dewey, and it states that a learning environment based on the shared experiences of a community of learners should be created. Last, students are who she severs and all that she does to enhance her knowledge and expand her professional career is recycled and re-used to help students to get where she is or beyond.


BS, Southern University at University

MA, Southern University at New Orleans

PhD, Capella University

Public Service

Barstow Unified School District, Participant - Barstow, CA United States


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