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Lauren Vantalia

Senior Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Technology

School of Management

Degree Program Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Dr. Lauren VanTalia is an Educator, Entrepreneur, Information Technology Specialist, Public Speaker, and Consultant. Having studied and specialized in International Business Administration, Dr. Lauren has exemplary expertise years of experience in different fields. Her passion for teaching motivates her to always strive for excellence. Over the years, she has also nurtured her teaching and business acumen hence.

Dr. VanTalia is passionate about creating happiness by fulfilling her clients’ needs and imparting the relevant knowledge to her students. She enjoys creating the best experiences for both her clients and students thereby making her the best at what she does. Her professional advancement thus far is attributable to her relentless attention to details, hard work, personal commitment, dedication, efficacy, and self-motivation.

Dr. VanTalia enjoys teaching and empowering her students, as well as helping students by giving back. Her clientele, colleagues, and students are thrilled with her professionalism and utmost ethics and integrity. She is dependable, easy to work with, fun, good-hearted, self-motivated, quick on her feet, and witty. She also holds workshops and has taught over 100 courses on the ground and online.

Courses Taught

WMBA 6030 - Managing Business Information Systems

WMBA 60000 - Dynamic Leadership

MN 001 - Shaping a Positive and Inclusive Workplace

LM 005 - Managing People

MM 002 - Interpersonal Communication

MM 003 - Interpersonal Communication

IG 002 - Shaping a Positive and Inclusive Workplace

IG 001 - Creativity and Innovation in Business


DBA, Argosy University - San Diego, CA United States

MBA, University of Phoenix - San Diego, CA United States

BS, Coleman University - San Diego, United States

Public Service

FAPAC-SW, Board Member - San Diego, CA United States

Awards / Honors

Attendance Award, Coleman University, 2003

Outstanding Leadership Award, FAPAC-National, 2018

Certificate of Appreciation , FAPAC-Southwest, 2012

Extraordinary Efforts , SPAWAR HQ Code 5.0, 2010

Competent Communication, Toastmasters International, 2014

Competent Leadership, Toastmasters International, 2014


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