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Kristin Faix Wilkinson

Program Director

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Human Services

Degree Program B.S. Human Services

Dr. Kristin Faix Wilkinson is the Academic Program Director for the MS and PhD in Human Services Program in the School of Counseling and Human Services. She received her PhD in Psychology from Walden University, specializing in academic and educational psychology. She holds certification as a Human Services Board Certified Practitioner, HS-BCP. She has been the undergraduate Program Director in Human Services since 2016, and prior to her leadership role she was contributing faculty in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Kristin began her twenty-year career in human services in vocational rehabilitation as a Program Specialist and worked with at-risk youth and their families, with developmental and intellectual disabilities. She is also a former guidance counselor working in the Wildwood School District. She led the school efforts in student government and district-wide drug and alcohol awareness initiatives where she received recognition for best practices for school programming. She also was the Clinical Coordinator of an in patient adolescent drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and became a certified Ropes Course Instructor. As a military spouse, Kristin served as a Service Coordinator at the San Diego Regional Center for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities and focused her research on Deaf Women with breast cancer. Kristin served as Vice President of the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) School Board-Dahlgren and served three years as the President of the Midwest Region of Human Services.


PhD, Walden University

Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner (HS-BCP), CCE - Jacobus


Wilkinson, K. F., Wilkinson, K. F., Matthey, S. F. (2020). Professionalizing the human services practitioner. Human Services Today.

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