Scott Smith

Contributing Faculty
College of Psychology and Community Services
Ph.D. Human Services

Dr. Smith is an Associate professor and director of the XReality lab. He manages an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, psychologists, engineers, and graphic designers and has spent the last 7 years perfecting virtual reality design methodology used to develop and evaluate the impact of technology on human performance. Dr. Smith and his team have developed multimedia trainings using 360 video, smartphone applications for WIC mothers, and virtual environments to treat addiction and social anxiety in veterans. He has managed 7 multi-year successful grants with budgets ranging from $50,000 to $300,000. The lab has evaluated several VR environments with more than 150 participants. Moreover, our team has been recognized as one of the first labs to develop virtual and augmented reality training for AMBUS first responders (20 bed ambulances used by first responders in disaster situations) to address situational awareness while responding to hurricanes, mass casualty incidents, and active shooter scenarios. The lab has developed eye tracking and biometric strategies to evaluate performance and has published these efforts in several disciplines