Kendrea Jones

Contributing Faculty
College of Nursing
Ph.D. Nursing

Kendrea M. Jones received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2015. After graduation she completed 2 years of postgraduate pharmacy residency training with one year specializing in managing critical care patients. She currently serves as associate professor at a college of pharmacy where she has a practice site in critical care. She began as a part-time faculty member at Walden in the School of Nursing in March 2019. She has taught pharmacotherapy for over 10 years. Professionally she has provided lectures and presentations to a variety of healthcare professionals. She has conducted research in a variety of areas including therapeutic management of thermal injury patients and pharmacy education with a number of presentations and publications related to this work.


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Jones, K. M., Franks, A. M. (2009). Succinobucol: review of the metabolic, antiplatelet and cardiovascular effects.. Expert opinion on investigational drugs