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Katherine Coule

Core Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Counseling

Degree Program M.S. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Katherine Coule has been teaching in CACREP-accredited graduate and doctoral counseling programs since 2006. She is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida and a national certified counselor. Dr. Coule has experience working with children and families in both the private and public sectors and has specialized in treating survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. She has also provided supervision to counselors in training for the past 14 years. Dr. Coule is an advocate in her community, she has published in professional journals, and has presented at community, state, national, and international conferences and workshops. She has been a member of Walden’s faculty since May 2012.

Courses Taught

COUN 6723F - Multicultural Counseling

COUN 6406 - Working with Military Spouses, Families, and Children

COUN 6771 - Counseling Practicum


PhD, University of South Florida

MA, University of South Florida


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