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Karen Hunt

Core Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

School of Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy

Degree Program Doctor of Education (EdD)

Dr. Hunt serves as a full time core faculty, URR, chair, and second member methodologist on EdD and PhD doctoral committees for programs in SEPL, COE. She has 12 years of teaching experience at the college level at UCONN and UGA. Her research interests include the Study of Learning Environments, Personnel Evaluation, Politics and Policy n Education.

Dr. Hunt has published in the Journal of Personnel Evaluation, is a Co-author of Teacher Evaluation system STAR, and a Member of AERA and SIGS.

Courses Taught

EDUC 8081 - Completing the Prospectus

EDUC 8090 - EdD doctoral study

EDUC - EdD Advanced Residency

EDUC - EdD Intensive Residency


PhD, Louisiana State University

MEd, Louisiana State University

BS, Louisiana State University

Awards / Honors

1994 Continuing Education Research Award, National University Continuing Education Association, 1994

Continuing Education Excellence in Research Award, Louisiana State University, 1993

Dean E.B. Robert Academic Scholarship Award, Louisiana State University College of Education, 1988

National Continuing Education Research Award, 1994

Oleson Academic Scholarship Award (1992-93, Louisiana State University, College of Education, 1992

Outstanding Dissertation in the College of Educati, Louisiana State University, 1995

Outstanding Research Paper Award (1991), 1991

Outstanding Research Paper Award, AERA SIG Licensure and Certification, 1994

Outstanding Research Paper Award, American Educational Research Association - SIG Study of Learning Environments, 1991

Outstanding Research Paper Award. Paper presented, 1994


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