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John Borton

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Human Potential

Degree Program B.S. Information Technology (BSIT)

Dr. John Borton completed his Ph.D. at the University of Colorado – Boulder in Information Systems, his M.S. at the University of Northern Colorado in Statistics and Computer Information Systems and his B.A. at Purdue University in Math and Social Studies Education. He has worked as a programmer, systems analyst and database administrator. He was a Professor and Department Chair of Computer Information Systems at Colorado State University – Pueblo and an adjunct instructor in the Outdoor Leadership program.

Dr. Borton began working as a full-time, core faculty member in the undergraduate Information Technology and Computer Information Systems programs at Walden University in 2011. In addition to teaching classes, he works extensively in curriculum design and assessment.

Research interests include: IT implementation, IT curriculum development, leadership and student team processes. John’s personal interests include reading, travel, backpacking, back-country skiing, sea kayaking, cycling, and Yoga. He currently lives in Denver Colorado.

Courses Taught

ITEC 2060 - Database Management

ITEC 4999 - IT Capstone Project

CMIS 4999 - IS Capstone Project

ITEC 2040 - System Analysis

ITEC 1010 - IT Infrastructure

ITEC 2050 - System Design

ITEC 4902 - Senior Seminar


PhD, University of Colorado - Boulder

MS, University of Northern Colorado

BA, Purdue University

Awards / Honors

Outstanding Faculty Member - College of Engineering, Education, and Professional Studies, Colorado State University - Pueblo, 2002

Outstanding Faculty Member - College of Educ, Engi, Colorado State University - Pueblo, 1996

President's Teaching Fellowship Award, Colorado State University - Pueble, 1988


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