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Jirina Foltysova

Core Faculty

College of Health Sciences and Public Policy

Degree Program Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Dr. Renger (Foltysova) is a DrPH graduate from University of Arizona, College of Public Health.

She currently serves as a core faculty member in the Ph.D. Public Health programs in the College of Health Sciences and Public Policy at Walden University and has served in this role since April 2014. In addition to her academic background in sociology, social work, social politics, and public health, she has extensive experience with evaluation projects, conducted in the United States, the Czech Republic, Peru and Kosovo. Her area of specialization is theory-driven evaluation and program theory reconstruction. She co-authored several peer-reviewed articles on evaluation theory.

Courses Taught

PUBH 8044 - Advanced Program Evaluation

PUBH 8410 - Fundamentals of Leadership, System Evaluation, and Interventions in Public Health

PUBH 8475 - Advanced Program Implementation and Evaluation

PUBH 8450 - Community Health Assessment

PUBH 8440 - Application of Public Health and Behavior Change Theories

PUBH 8038 - Health Behavior Theory

PUBH 8031 - Public Health Administration and Leadership

PUBH 8030 - Socio-Ecological Perspectives of Health

RSCH 8310 - Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis

PUBH 9001 - Dissertation

PUBH 9100/8900 - Public Health Capstone/Research Forum


DrPH, University of Arizona - tucson, AZ United States

Master of Strategic Intelligence, American Military University - Charles Town, WV United States

Mgr., Masaryk University - brno, Czech Republic

Bc., Masaryk University - brno, Czech Republic

Public Service

Girl Scouts of the USA - Arizona, Volunteer - Tucson, AZ

Creation School - Running Club, Volunteer - Vail, AZ

Awards / Honors

2021 Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation Best Practice Note Award, Canadian Evaluation Society/Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 2021


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