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Janet Hunter

Contributing Faculty

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Public Policy and Administration

Degree Program Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Dr. Hunter is originally from Pennsylvania, and graduated from Penn State, which is about 18 miles from where she grew up in the farmlands of central Pennsylvania. She earned Masters degrees (one in business administration and one in economics) from Virginia Tech, and earned her Ph.D. in political science, with distinction, from Northern Arizona University.

Dr. Hunter has business, economics, and political science at the undergraduate and the graduate level, both in the traditional classroom and online. Dr. Hunter's skills have earned her two teaching awards. She have been with Walden U since 2017, where she serves as a Contributing Faculty Member in Public Administration and Policy, teaching Public Administration and Sustainability Development for Global Communities. She also serves on dissertation committees as a member and chairperson.

Dr. Hunter's hobbies include reading, learning, and spending time with her horses.

Courses Taught

PPPA 9000A - Dissertation

SOCW 8451 - Pubilc Policy Analysis

MMPP 6541 - Sustainable Dev Global Comm


PhD, Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff, AZ United States

MBA, Virginia Polytechnic Instutite and State University - Blacksburg, VA United States

MS - Blacksburg, VA United States

BS, Pennsylvania State University - University Park, PA United States