Hazel Trauffer

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Human Potential
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Hazel Traüffer is an innovative, lifelong learner, effective learning and development specialist, and facilitator, who has served clients – in both Private and Public enterprises, including academia, and having held government clearance – helping them meet enterprise goals.
Dr. Traüffer brings 10+ years of operational and consulting experience in the Learning and Development field, having demonstrated expertise in applying the techniques of adult learning theories and instructional design to create environments conducive to autonomous learning, change implementation, and improved performance. She has collaborated in the development and implementation of training development programs including meetings, workshops, and mentoring programs; coached and mentored new-to-task trainers to orient them to the organization’s teaching methods, processes, and policies; assisted the Operations Manager in scheduling trainers, ensuring appropriate learner/instructor ratio and classroom utilization; served on dissertation committees as Chair, Methodologist, and Content Advisor; mentor other faculty in the areas of research methodology and design; and served as Academic Quality Reviewer to ensure high quality doctoral research and dissertations. She has developed curriculum; designed training collateral; delivered training, as needed; and relied on strategies, such as motivation, coaching, and mentoring, to engage members of her project team and foster performance beyond expectation, while aligning the team’s mission and objectives to the company’s enterprise goals. In addition, Hazel has analyzed monthly reports to spot usage trends and facilitate the process for training and quality integration.
Moreover, Hazel has been using university-developed curriculum and teaching collateral to deliver leadership and management courses in the university’s doctoral and Master’s degree programs and facilitate students’ learning, by virtual modality. This involves using a learning management system, as a platform, to enable students to gain access to the instructional material, despite spatial and temporal differences. She has been coaching doctoral students through degree completion. In addition to serving as Dissertation Chair, Content Advisor, and Methodologist, she serves as a member of the Academic Quality Review team, to ensure dissertation manuscripts achieve academic and scholastic quality. As a methodologist, she's mentored up to 10 Chairs, as direct reports, to help their learners navigate the research methodology and design aspect. Received an Outstanding Faculty Chair Award (2019), having mentored 5+ learners., successfully, through the doctoral /process.
Hazel joined Walden University in June 2020 and has been serving as Dissertation Chair and Second Committee Member.

Public Service

St. Stephen's Episcopal Cathedral - Vestry - Community Connections Committee, Member - HARRISBURG


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