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Godwin Igein

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Technology

School of Management

Degree ProgramPh.D. Management

Godwin Igein, Ph.D--BIOGRAPHY

EDUCATION: PhD. Union Institute and University, Cincinnati Ohio; MBA, City University, Bellevue, Washington; BBA, University of Texas, El Paso, Texas.


Quantitative and qualitative studies, leadership and management, leadership processes in developing countries with cultural underpinnings; telecommuting, (case study, phenomenology, etc.


Dr. Igein served as Dean and Vice President of academic services of a major university; has over 15 years of teaching doctoral research and design. He enjoys teaching research as it gives him the opportunity to help doctoral students through their doctoral research work. He is very passionate about scholarly work. He created a new leadership model for developing countries for addressing the unique leadership needs of developing countries where leadership processes have many cultural underpinnings. The leadership model focuses on utilization of cultural capital to build national capital. It also emphasizes the increased utilization of the intellectual leadership capacity of women in developing countries. The leadership model has been used as theoretical framework for some doctoral dissertations. His contribution to social change includes board membership at Black Family and Child Services Inc., a non-profit organization, Phoenix, Arizona, serving children and families since 1984. He joined Walden University in 2004.

Courses Taught

MGMT 9000 - Doctoral Dissertation

MGMT 8015-3/MGMT-8015M - Gateway to Doctoral Studies

MGMT 8100-43 - Dissertation Mentoring

SBSF-7101-43/MGMT 9000B-43/MGMT-9000M-43/MGMT-9000-43 - Doctoral Dissertation


PhD, Union Institute and University

MBA, City University

BBA, University of Texas at El Paso

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