Geoffrey Hutchinson

Contributing Faculty
College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology

Dr. Hutchinson is a psychologist who is board certified in Biofeedback. He received his original clinical training at the University of North Texas, was highly influenced by Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy, and has been practicing in the VA system since his internship year. He is currently working at an outpatient clinic in Arizona, specializing in clinical and health psychology, using biofeedback to augment traditional therapies. He is the Local Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Coordinator for is facility. Dr. Hutchinson has an interest in using evidence-based therapies in the context of a patient's cultural and spiritual background. He supervises externs students at his site. He also mentors providers who work in rural, and highly rural placements throughout the state. Dr. Hutchinson has taught in the traditional classroom setting and online, as a contributing faculty member. He teaches courses at Walden like psychopharmacology, biopsychology, and stress disorders. Outside of work, he is highly involved with his teenage son. He enjoys playing piano, hiking/exercise, and relaxing with science fiction books and an array of television shows. He also involves himself in his faith community and has taught contemplative prayer and meditation.

Courses Taught

PSYC 8741 - Psychopharmacology

PSYC 6748 - Stress and Coping

PSYC 6225 - Biopsychology


PhD, University of North Texas

Board Certified in Biofeedback, BCIA

Public Service

Anthem Fellowship Church, Volunteer - Anthem

Awards / Honors

Special Contribution and 10 Year Service Award, Northern Arizona VA Health Care System, 2013

Richard Robertiello Award for Innovative Psychothe, Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 2004


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