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Gene Fusch

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Human Potential

Degree Program Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

From his teaching experiences blended with his leadership and organizational performance background, Dr. Gene Fusch recognizes that every student brings valuable experiences with them and he is passionate about helping students pursue their learning goals. As a mentor and dissertation chair, he strives to provide clear guidance, evaluation, as well as suggestions for improvement.

In 1988 Dr. Fusch sold his customer service business and launched a career that spanned both the education and business arenas. As an educator, he chaired and served on doctoral committees and helped numerous executive level students pursue their learning goals. In addition to teaching, Dr. Fusch was the project manager for the National Resource Center for Materials Science Education; principal investigator for a NSF project in composites manufacturing for the marine and aerospace industries, site director/professor for Southern Illinois University’s NSB Bangor and McChord AFB extension programs; and Associate Dean of Technology for Bellingham Technical College. Moreover, he has written several peer-reviewed and professional publications on research methodology, performance improvement, human resource development and return-on-investment strategies as well as a co-authoring a management book on organizational performance interventions to help transform an organization into a performance culture. In addition to the education arena, Dr. Fusch has worked with numerous organizations as a leadership and organizational performance consultant. Since 2005, his clients have been primarily in the aerospace and marine industries. He joined Walden as a Faculty Methodologist in 2011 to help students with their DBA Doctoral Studies.

Dr. Gene Fusch participated in numerous grass roots social change endeavors throughout his career. Currently he works at the local level cleaning beaches along the Hood Canal as an individual effort and with the Pleasant Harbor Yacht Club. He also is a member of the Hood Canal Coalition to reduce pollution and Northwest Maritime Center to provide youth and community programs.

After raising their children, Dr. Gene Fusch and his wife Dr. Patricia Fusch designed and built a cedar home on the Hood Canal in Washington State. His personal interests include sailing in the waters of Washington State and British Columbia.