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Fred Bernardin

Contributing Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences

Degree Program M.S. Education (MSEd)

This is my eleventh year teaching at Walden. My educational background is in Chemical Engineering, including my Doctorate, and I have had a variety of experience in related (and not so related) fields such as teaching. I currently spend most of my work day doing software development for BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA. I am an avid year-round cyclist, and am also interested in different languages. I grew up in the Great Lakes area and after getting my Bachelor's degree I settled into a Scientist job in the paper industry. We had an active program in working with the local (Erie, PA) schools doing science presentations and helping with tutoring. I relocated to the Boston area for my graduate studies several years later (with all of the difficulties of balancing family and research and a dramatic drop in income!) and have been here ever since. During my graduate studies I had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant and as an instructor, which led to my interest in working with Walden.

Courses Taught

SCIE 6661 - Exploring the Physical World


BS, Pennsylvania State University - State College, PA United States

MS, Carnegie-Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA United States

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA United States

Public Service

Horizons for Homeless Children, Volunteer - Roxbury, MA United States

Red Cross, Volunteer - Boston, MA United States


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