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Alfie Weinbaum

Contributing Faculty

College of Psychology and Community Services

School of Psychology

Degree Program Ph.D. Psychology

Elisabeth "Alfie" Weinbaum received her PhD in Developmental Psychology at the Ohio State University in August 1992. She also completed the ‘program core’ in the MR/DD Clinical Psychology Program at the Nisonger Center and participated in many assessment and intervention programs worldwide.
Dr. Weinbaum joined the Walden University faculty team in September 2005. She currently serves as Dissertation Mentor, SCM/URM, and online facilitator in the Ph.D. Psychology Program. Previously, she served as Residency Instructor and Soc Psych lead faculty. Dr. Weinbaum also served as P/T faculty in other online Institutions and she served as Assistant Professor in Department of Teacher Education and supervised Student Teachers in WA & CA. Thus, she taught in a number of Departments of Psychology and she served (*since 1999) as Dissertation Mentor in traditional and online learning environments.
Professionally, Dr. Weinbaum has worked as a researcher in National and International cross-disciplinary research settings in a variety of areas including explorations of the intersection between development, learning and culture among immigrant populations and she has served as developmental / cross-cultural expert in many of those projects.
As senior consultant @ EVAL International (*Feuerstein Institute / authorized training center), she was engaged in the training of qualified educators, parents, and community members in dynamic assessment of learning potential of children and young adult, including dynamic evaluation of perception, sensory-motor skills, memory, attention, logical reasoning and problem solving, as well as speech and communication skills.
Dr. Weinbaum is a passionate and devoted Dissertation Mentor and she is constantly engaging a small number of her mentees in ongoing research projects and presentations/call for papers (at Walden and within other professional Psychology Organizations). Some students participated in 'virtual panel discussions' in Greece, Czech Republic, Mexico... and in 2021 in Montreal, Canada. She continues her collaboration with mentees 'beyond' graduation and assist her mentees in publishing their work in peer-reviewed journals and continues engaging with some in collaborative research projects.
Dr. Weinbaum has publications and presentations on a great variety of research projects, such as most recently, "Nursing Education with Augmented Reality" and " New ways to learn online" and "Change matters". She is currently involved in the development of a variety of Career Readiness Training Initiatives and some Teacher Education Initiatives in preK-5 Independent Schools in the SF Bay Area. Dr. Weinbaum is co-designing a newly built faith-based preschool in SF, to be open for enrollment in 2021.

Courses Taught

PSYC 9000-143 - Dissertation Research

PSYC 8215-2 - Lifespan Development

PSYC 8247-2 - Social Psychology

PSYC 8185-143 - Writing Quality Prospectus

PSYC 8706-1 - Advanced Social Psychology

PSYC 8701-1 - Culture & Psychology


BA, The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH

MA, The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH

PhD, The Ohio State University

Public Service

EVAL, Board Member - Greenbrae, CA United States

Congregation Chevra Thillim, Volunteer - San Francisco, CA United States

Awards / Honors

Faculty of the Year Award, University of Phoenix, 2020

Faculty Excellence Award, 2015

Faculty Excellence Award, 2014

Faculty Excellence Award, ProfessionalActivities, 2013

Honorarium, University of Phoenix, 2014

B. A. - Summa Cum Laude, Capital University, 1987


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