Dan Cernusca

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Doctor of Education (EdD)

Dr. Dan Cernusca holds a Ph.D. in Information Science and Learning Technologies is from University of Missouri, Columbia. He also holds an MBA from the same university as well as a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Sibiu in Romania. Currently, Dr. Cernusca serve as Assistant Professor of Practice/ Instructional Designer at North Dakota State University, College of Health Professions, where he is working with faculty members on effective integration of new instructional technologies for learning. At Walden University Dr. Cernusca is a contributing (part-time) faculty methodologist and University Research Reviewer.

Dr. Cernusca’s current research interest is focusing on effective classroom implementation of active learning instructional strategies for deep learning. He has presented at numerous conferences including Association for Educational Communications & Technology and American Associations of College of Pharmacy. Dr. Cernusca has published over 22 peer-reviewed articles as well as 3 books or book chapters in the area of instructional design.


PhD, University of Missouri Columbia

MBA, University of Missouri-Columbia

Awards / Honors

Innovation in Teaching Award, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, 2018

Best Paper Award, ASEE Engineering Economy Division, 2016

Future Faculty Fellow, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2005


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Eukel, H. N., Frenzel, J. E., Cernusca, D. (2017). Educational gaming for pharmacy students-Design and evaluation of a diabetes themed Escape Room. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Cernusca, D., Bham, G. H. (2011). Application of Threshold Concepts to Improve a Design- Focused Course in Transportation Engineering. Transportation Research Board: Journal of the Transportation Research Board


Cernusca, D., Mallik, S. (2017). Raising from ashes: Active classroom strategies for learning pharmaceutics through productive failure. . AACP