Cliff Bridges

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Cliff Bridges is subject matter expert at Walden University for graduate level classes in public relations and creative communication. He is a Part Time Contributing Faculty member, B.S. Communication since 2014. He instructs undergraduate classes: public relations, crisis, advertising, marketing and global marketing communications and social media. He has also served as a communication subject matter expert for Colorado State University.

He has served as vice president - technical director, global corporate communication executive, sole proprietor and board member for businesses and NGOs. He earned an MS in Strategic Public Relations from George Washington and a BA in Biology and Education from Emory University.

Bridges has been awarded 12 U.S. and International patents for Product and Design. He has been formally recognized in both the U.S. and Europe for design, product innovation, sustainability product design and sustainability communications and reporting.

As a public relations practitioner and proprietor of X Executive Edge Communication Design and Sustainability, he leverages a strong passion for social and environmental considerations. He designs and manages marketing and visibility campaigns for global and national branded products and manufacturing and professional service providers: applying management skills in demographic segmentation research and social media applications, the creation and execution of websites, press releases, social media campaigns, promotional print collateral, TV and digital billboard advertising.

Successful initiatives and relationships have included a breadth of organizations such as Nike, Levi Strauss Japan, Proctor & Gamble, Chicopee Wipes, Teijin-Frontier, Proventis Life Science, Monogram Foods and Church World Services.

He is a past board member of Sustain Charlotte and Visiting Board member, University of North Carolina - Greensboro. Currently, he is a board director of GSI3, who leverages intellectual properties pertaining to energy and water conservation; He serves as Director of Business Affairs for Bridges-Law-Firm, injured workers' compensation specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is currently serving as VP Board Director - Marketing and Communications for Greensboro Opera.