Cheryl Burleigh

Contributing Faculty
Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
Ph.D. Education

Dr. Cheryl Burleigh is a Contributing Faculty and Qualitative Methodologist in the Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership at Walden University. She has worked in various areas and roles within K-12 and higher education, educational coaching, and consulting as a fully credentialed educator in the fields of educational leadership and science education. Her education career included running educational research and teacher programs for NASA, teaching the sciences, and working in administration in public, private, charter schools in the United States. During this time, she has developed and taught professional development courses for educators in the sciences, wrote and won numerous grants including BP A+ for Educators. Dr. Burleigh also was a teacher and assistant head master at international schools both in Luanda, Angola and Lagos, Nigeria.
Dr. Burleigh is a highly skilled educator. She has extensive experience in higher education both teaching online and face-to-face, has served on numerous doctoral student dissertation committees, and has taught undergraduate courses focusing in the physical and biological sciences, political science, and communication. At the graduate level, courses included those in teacher education, curriculum and instruction, assessment, evaluation, and accountability, applied educational research and data analysis, and research design methodologies at various colleges and universities in the United States.

In addition to her passion for teaching, Dr. Burleigh’s research interests are focused on the field of education, science education, empowering female students in the sciences, emerging educators, educational leadership, data driven instruction, student mental health, wellness, and mindfulness practices in the classroom, ethical decision making, education law, and education equity and diversity. Dr. Burleigh has published numerous journal articles and has presented extensively both in the US and Internationally on mindful practices in education, educational leadership practices, diversity, and education reform.

Dr. Burleigh’s passion for education and her unique combination of teaching and experience in the sciences, both as a practitioner and educator, along with her leadership roles in K-12 and higher education, allows Dr. Burleigh to bring a fresh and multi-dimensional perspective to her research interests, teaching, and role at Walden.

Courses Taught

EDPD 8900/8910 - Writing a Quality Prospectus

EDPD 8990 - Dissertation Research Forum

EDDD 8900/8910 - Completing the Prospectus


EdD, University of Phoenix

MS, California State University East Bay

BS, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

BA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Public Service

California Diversity Council (CADC) Bay Area, Other -

Discovery Center San Ramon Valley Mental Health Advisory Council , Other - Danville

NFTE-Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship , Other - Livermore

Higher Learning Research Communications (HLRC), Other -

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE) Current Practices Journal, Other -

Common Ground Research Networks, Other -

Journal of Educational Research and Practice (JERAP), Other -

Awards / Honors

Helen Foletta Distinguished Faculty , University of Phoenix, 2019

Leadership Impact Award , University of Phoenix , 2019


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