Tom Diebold

Contributing Faculty
College of Psychology and Community Services
School of Psychology
Ph.D. Psychology

Charles “Tom” Diebold received his PhD in Community Psychology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in December 2002. Dr. Diebold began as a part-time faculty member at Walden in the School of Psychology in January 2005 and began full-time service in June 2006, principally teaching research and statistics courses, presenting at Walden residencies, and mentoring students in dissertation. Previously, Dr. Diebold taught graduate courses in statistics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and served in a variety of research positions (e.g., Principal Investigator, Research Director, Research Associate, Statistician, Chief Methodologist, Data Manager) on a variety of funded research and evaluation projects through the University of Missouri-Kansas City and, more recently, through Circa-KC: Collaborative Integrating Research & Community Action, of which he was Co-President. As a community psychologist, Dr. Diebold is specifically trained in and philosophically committed to action-oriented, system-level, preventive approaches that respect diversity among people and settings, foster human competencies, promote active participation and collaboration among all stakeholders, and use multiple levels of intervention and analysis to enhance well-being. In other words, he employs a “big picture” approach, but one that is driven by “contextual detail.” Dr. Diebold specializes in multivariate statistical analyses.


PhD, University of Missouri-Kansas City

BA, University of Missouri-Kansas City