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Brittany Smalls

Contributing Faculty

College of Health Sciences and Public Policy

Degree Program Ph.D. Health Services

Brittany L. Smalls received her PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science with a concentration in health services research at the Medical University of South Carolina in 2014 and earned a Master’s in Health Services from Strayer University in 2010. In 2019 she began her role as Contributing Faculty in the School of Health Sciences in the Health Services Research doctoral program. Dr. Smalls’ primary role will be to serve as a dissertation committee member or chair for doctoral students. Professionally, she has worked as a researcher in health disparities and community-based research in vulnerable populations suffering from complex chronic disease. Her current research assesses social support and social networks within older rural-dwelling adults living with type 2 diabetes. In addition to her personal research interest, she also works on interdisciplinary teams of clinicians, researchers, social scientists, and public health practitioners to address health needs of vulnerable populations. Dr. Smalls’ research and collaborations is reflective in her NIH funded projects, peer-reviewed publications, and national and international conference presentations.


Master's of Health Services Administration, Strayer University - N. Charleston, SC United States

PhD, Medical University of South Carolina - Charleston, SC United States

Public Service

Indigenous Health International, Volunteer

The Nest, Volunteer - Lexington, United States

Awards / Honors

AcademyHealth/Aetna Foundation Minority Scholars Program, AcademyHealth, 2012

, Alpha Chi National College Honor Scholarship Society, 2010


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