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Brian Ragsdale

Program Director

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Psychology

Degree Program M.S. Clinical Psychology

Visionary educator, creative thinker, visual artist, community organizer, and educational management professional. Licensed Clinical psychologist, performs well in self starting, entrepreneurial environments, distance learning and online higher education administration.

Experience in conceptualizing and implementing systemic change processes (blending best ideas from traditional academic environments with technological advances in distance learning environments). Wealth of experience in re-imagining processes; faculty mentoring and training, community organizing, social service management, program development, program evaluation, research and statistics, grant writer secured over $148k in funding from local, state, and federal sources. Health disparities scholar 2002 with National Minority Health and Health Institute, (NIH).

Fourteen + years teaching experience in psychology, social sciences, and education; graduate and undergraduate levels, published peer reviewed academic author (American Psychologist, Child Development), respected Academic leader; over 40+ national and international conference presentations, public speaking, fictional writer, artist/painter, and self taught musician/singer-songwriter.


PhD, University of Rhode Island

MA, University of Rhode Island


Ragsdale, B. L. (2000). Surveillance of African American men and its possible effect on social, emotional, and psychological functioning. The Journal of African American Men.

Nabors, N. A., Hall, R. L., Miville, M. L., Nettles, R., Pauling, M. L., Ragsdale, B. L. (2001). Multiple minority group oppression: Divided we stand?. Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association.

Mandara, J., Gaylord-Harden, N., Richards, M., Ragsdale, B. L. (2009). The Effects of Changes in Racial Identity and Self Esteem on Changes in African American Adolescents' Mental Health. Child Development.

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