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Bharat Thakkar

Contributing Faculty

College of Management and Human Potential

Degree Program Ph.D. Management

Bharat Thakkar received his MS and PhD degrees both in mechanical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology at Chicago in 1967 and 1976, respectively. He has been engaged in the practice of electronic systems packaging, physical design, development, compliance, and reliability engineering over last thirty-five years of which last twenty-six years were spent with Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories, now Nokia).

Bharat published and presented over thirty-five technical papers and holds two U. S. patents. He has edited a book on Future of Leadership in May 2018, published by McMillan.

Bharat also has received several awards for community service and affirmative action activities at Bell Labs.

Around April 2018, McMillan (Palgrave) published a book on The Future of Leadership: Addressing Complex Global Issues edited by Bharat S. Thakkar, Ph. D. (ISBN:978-3-319-73870-3)

Over the last fourteen years, Bharat has been teaching MBA, Ph.D., and DBA courses in Chicago areas colleges and universities along with presentations at various workshops and conferences.

Bharat's research interests are in Systems Design, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Leadership, and Globalization.

In the fall of 1997, IIT conferred Alva C. Todd Professorship upon Bharat.

Bharat was also appointed as a member of the Education Task Force of the Electrical and Electronic Packaging Division (EEPD) in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Currently, Bharat is a Consultant with his office in Wheaton, Illinois, which offers workshops and seminars to domestic and international clients.