Barry Sugarman

Contributing Faculty
College of Management and Technology
School of Management
Ph.D. Management

Dr. Barry Sugarman currently serves as Dean of Learning Pathways and the School of Lifelong Learning at Walden University. Dr. Sugarman joined Laureate Education in 2009 and has held a variety of roles over the years. Most recently, he served as Vice President, Laureate Center for Global Faculty Excellence with Laureate Education. Dr. Sugarman also has extensive academic program design experience with Laureate and led the design and development of the University of Liverpool’s MBA and DBA programs as well as the “Laureate MBA” program which is a modular MBA program used by some of Laureate’s Latin American universities.

Dr. Sugarman has also served as Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs/Chief Academic Officer at Divine Mercy University (DMU) in Arlington, Virginia, where he oversaw marketing, enrollment, and admissions services. Additionally, Dr. Sugarman spearheaded the launch of DMU’s first fully online degree programs.

Dr. Sugarman has over 25 years of experience in the higher education, electronic publishing, and technology sectors. He co-designed the Global MBA Program for the Anahuac University Network in Mexico and held product and technology management positions at Lexis-Nexis, Disclosure, SkyTel as well as the National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Sugarman has been active in advising a variety of non-profit organizations focusing on education and online learning issues. Additionally, Dr. Sugarman led a team for the American Council of Education that defined standards for online learning in a Gates Foundation-funded project designed to create a more flexible pathway towards postsecondary education attainment for the more than 31 million non-traditional students who may have some college credit but no degree.

Dr. Sugarman completed his Ph.D. in Higher Education at Columbia University where his research focused on the commercialization of faculty-developed technology. Dr. Sugarman also received his MPhil in Higher Education from Columbia University, his Ed.M. in Higher Education from Teachers College Columbia University, his MBA in Market Research from Pace University, and his BA in Psychology from University of Rochester.


PhD, Columbia University

Master of Philosophy, Columbia University

MEd, Teachers College, Columbia University

MBA, Pace University

BA, University of Rochester


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