Asghar Zomorrodian

Contributing Faculty
College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Walden research/teaching/service Record: At Walden: Since 2009 as a Contributing Faculty, taught in areas of Public Policy, Nonprofits Organization, Public Administration, Org Leadership, Strategic Planning, Program Evaluation, and Capstone. Serving on a major School Committee, the CAP, the Committee that reviews and approves all new programs and courses as well as changes to them for all degrees offered by the School at BA, BS, MA, MS, and Ph.D levels. Served on the second University-wide Committee for reviewing the Professional Doctoral program. Regular member and participants of committees for reviewing the Master Programs in Public Admin and Policy, Lead Faculty, and First Term courses. Presented and publishes research paper at professional conferences; Link to my recent article: : Outside Walden research/teaching/service Records: Some 25 years of teaching, research, and student advising at a few leading schools, USC, University of Denver, Chapman, and UI&U. Taught in a variety of programs and diverse courses in areas like Public policy and Administration, Business, Management, Systems and Project Management, Leadership, Org Behavior and Change, HR, among many others as both full-time and Adjunct faculty. Severing as international consultant in a few countries, dong project for UNDP, taught at China Northern University as well as worked as Sr. Fulbright Specialist at the National School of Political Science and Public Administration in Romania. Extensive involvement in research and regular publications: Link to recent online papers Serving on different taskforces and committees, the most recent one, total redesign of Ph.D. Program in interdisciplinary Studies with focus on Public Policy and Civil Society and OB/OD concentrations. Perform online advising and mentoring. Core faculty and designer of a major in Leadership and Public Policy all courses and taught all the program courses for some 8 years. Teaching and Scholarship Philosophy/Approach: First, I consider myself as having a humanitarian philosophy, valuing equality and participation in all departments of human endeavors. I have a strong conviction of helping others through education, particularly those who need help in developing their potential in achieving growth and development. Second, I am a believer in excellence and quality both for work I do and what others try to achieve. I look at teaching, and consulting as a Commitment and definitely not a just a “job” I consider myself as a citizen of the world and believe in the authenticity of different cultural and social values held by different people. Years back, as a reflection of my appreciation of each society’s particular cultural and social fabric and value system and, based on my extensive research on several countries, I developed a model of an “Indigenous Theory of Administration” The model was published as a blue print for administrative reform in Iranian leading journal Management Today, and later the model was presented in a joint article (Administrative Science quarterly, 1986) with an American Professor who had been involved in the similar research in Latin America. Third, I also believe in the interdisciplinary nature of the issues we confront, and have developed this kind of orientation that has helped me a lot in looking at the problems and solutions in more comprehensive and holistic way.