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Arlene Scott

Contributing Faculty

Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership

School of Higher Education, Leadership, and Policy

Degree Program Ph.D. Education

Arlene Scott Bio: Mentor to Doctoral Candidates—Online Graduate Faculty—Leadership & Organization Development

As an experienced practitioner/scholar and lifelong educator, Dr. Scott brings 25 years’ consulting experience to mentoring doctoral candidates through the dissertation journey. When mentoring doctoral candidates and instructing online courses, she leverages her wide-ranging business organization experience by using examples relevant to each student’s thesis and facilitates dissertation progress, using innovative approaches so that learning occurs in a manner that sticks. With mentoring and instructing since 2011, she has a high, proven track record for graduating doctoral candidates.

Dr. Scott started her academic career by creating and instructing innovative higher education programs, such as University Without Walls and consulting to school districts in New York City. Using an experiential approach to adult learning, she shifted to the business world and delivered a range of leadership programs and organization change initiatives, delivered domestically and internationally, in multiple sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, and management consulting firms. She expanded her role to emphasize a systems-approach to change and was guided by the use of active learning strategies.

Dr. Scott’s career has been a mix of consulting and teaching with her own organization, Change Partners Consulting, and employment with larger organizations, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC: 9 years). For four of the nine years, she headed up PwC Strategic Change in London in the Government & Health sectors, increasing leadership and change programs for clients by 400% in two years. The scale and scope of the work with the National Health System (NHS), a major PwC client and largest employer in Europe, was challenging and led to significant change in parts of this “command and control” organization. Throughout, a key element was her desire to involve others in shaping the future of the NHS.

In recent years, Dr. Scott shifted focus to education and the global explosion of online learning.

Courses Taught

EDPD 8020 - Org Research, Assessment, Eval

EDPD 8022 - Assess for Individual Growth

EDPD 8025 - Build Continuous Improvement

EDUC 7314 - Capstone Leadership for Social Change

EDUC 9001, 8800 - Research Forum: Dissertation


PhD, New York University

MA, New York University

Public Service

Taproot, Pro Bono Consultant for Taproot Foundation - Oakland, CA United States


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