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Abdol Daghighi

Contributing Faculty

School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies

After earning his Engineering degree at a flagship university, Abdol worked as an Engineer first before he earned his Mathematics degree and had the opportunity to teach at college level. It was then that he found out how much an individual in an academic environment can affect and impact people’s lives. That experience was the foundation for his increased interest in Data Analysis and teaching Mathematics courses at both online and traditional universities for the past 28 years. He also served as Math Subject Mater Expert and Reviewer for a couple of publishing entities. At Walden, Abdol teaches mathematics courses. He served as Lead Faculty and was appointed to make the transition of two Undergraduate math courses from the old LMS to ALEKS in 2019. Recently, he was appointed to Walden's Jumpstart student retention Commitee. On a personal level, he enjoys reading and knowing about the beautiful nature, cultures, and wonders around the world and watching movies. He also likes to travel and learn about the world's cultural views, customs and traditions.

Courses Taught

All Undergraduate Mathematics Courses

STAT 3001 - Statistics

NASC 1001 - Environmental Science

PHSC 1001 - Earth Science


MS, University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX United States

MA, University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX United States


Daghighi, A. (2013). ESL and Quality of Teaching.