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Improve Your Digital and Business Skills With Professional Development

Online continuing education can prepare you for 21st century business and digital demands.

Are you starting a business and need some guidance? Are you searching for a new position but afraid your technology skills aren’t up to par? You might be a working professional, but that doesn’t mean you’re finished learning—in fact, it’s always a good idea to update your skills to meet the demands of an ever-changing job market.1 Continuing education can benefit your career in many ways, from the tangible—improving your marketability—to the more intangible, such as developing a growth mindset and even improving your health.2

Walden University’s School of Lifelong Learning supports the ongoing needs and goals of lifelong learners seeking continuing education in the form of for-credit courses—which could possibly even count toward a degree program later3—or non-credit courses for professional development. Walden can help enrich your knowledge and expand your skill set while allowing you to work at your own pace.


Enhance Your Digital and Business Skills Through Professional Development

Walden’s School of Lifelong Learning offers a variety of courses in digital and business skills to fit your needs. If you’re a new business owner, for example, learning new skills may enable you to do certain work yourself instead of outsourcing it to other specialists.4 You can find everything from introductory, non-credit micro-courses that require anywhere from one to four hours of your time to more lengthy courses that consist of 300 hours of work or more and provide continuing education credits. Check out some examples below:

Non-Credit Micro-Courses: PRMT1101 – Let’s Talk Project Management

This course introduces the work of project managers and teaches practical and in-demand skills. You’ll explore project management approaches and methodologies, including the concept of Agile for projects, and learn the value that project management brings to organizations of all sizes.

PRMT1101 features:

  • Four lessons that total about a one-hour workload
  • A digital credential upon completion

Other non-credit micro-courses include PRMT1102: The Essentials of Project Management.

Non-Credit Learning Paths: SSBA1100 – Starting a Small Business: A Practical Approach

Starting a small business can be challenging. Through four individual micro-courses, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of everything a new small-business owner needs to know, from time and financial investment information to resources and marketing to the legal aspects and risk of business ownership. You’ll even apply what you’ve learned by completing an action plan for a small business.

SSBA1100 offers:

  • Four micro-courses consisting of an estimated 20 hours of total worktime
  • Practical training
  • Interactive scenario-based content
  • A professional certificate upon completion

Additional non-credit Learning Paths include:

For-Credit Micro-Courses: MIND2400 – Google Analytics

Marketing in the 21st century is all about digital marketing, and an important digital marketing skill is knowing how to use data to make decisions. Google Analytics is a highly popular platform that is a must for marketing professionals working in both small businesses and large organizations. The course teaches those with no previous knowledge of web analytics how to use its tools to discover marketing and sales data, attract website visitors, increase conversions (sales), and develop targeted marketing campaigns. The course also provides a brief introduction to SEO and its effect on web traffic. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and continuing education units.

MIND2400 features:

  • An estimated three-hour workload
  • Interactive content
  • Expert advice
  • Real-life case studies
  • Certificate of completion

Additional for-credit micro-courses include:

For-credit Learning Paths: MIND1900 – Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business

Women make up approximately half of all working professionals, and more women than men pursue college and graduate degrees. Unfortunately, women still face many challenges in the workplace, including a gender pay gap, which is addressed in this course. You’ll also explore concepts related to women and leadership, including management, communication, work-life balance, body language, negotiation, and networking. You’ll learn the social and psychological aspects that lead to challenges for women in the workplace, and you’ll explore the ways that women can advance their careers.

MIND1900 features:

  • Six micro-courses totaling an estimated 23 hours of work
  • Real-life case studies
  • Advice from experts
  • A professional certificate upon completion

Other for-credit Learning Paths include:

Explore How Walden Can Enhance Your Skills With Professional Development

Walden has many options for professional development and can guide you toward continued learning opportunities and professional fulfillment.

The Walden School of Lifelong Learning’s professional development courses offer:

  • Career-oriented content aimed at enhancing your professional development.
  • Convenient, self-paced online learning.
  • The ability to earn continuing education credits for some offerings.
  • Training and development for workplaces.

Visit the School of Lifelong Learning to learn how Walden can support your journey as a lifelong learner.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering online continuing education courses in digital and business skills. Expand your options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

3Consult with the institution to which you intend to transfer the credits you earn to determine specific transfer requirements before registering for a Walden course. Walden does not guarantee that its credits will transfer to any particular institution.

Walden Professional Certificates are not designed to be licensure-leading, and courses may not count toward state or local educational requirements for continuing education, certification, employment, licensure, or other credential or authority to practice.

Individuals enrolled in learning opportunities to obtain a Walden Professional Certificate will be enrolled as non-matriculating Walden School of Lifelong Learning students. Walden School of Lifelong Learning students may not be granted full access to all university services and resources.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,