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Acquiring Nursing Skills Quickly in a Changing Career Landscape

Discover five reasons to choose Walden’s School of Lifelong Learning for nursing professional development.

Nursing is a dynamic profession. Nurses don’t just treat one patient for one issue—they treat a variety of patients for a variety of ailments at differing stages of life. And nurses who are looking to move up in their careers may rotate to different departments, hospitals, or offices.

If you’re seeking a new nursing role—or even if you’re trying to just keep pace in an environment where new technologies emerge rapidly and job duties shift frequently—you know that you need to acquire useful skills quickly. Explore five reasons why Walden University’s School of Lifelong Learning is a great solution for nurses’ professional development.


1. Quality
Walden is an accredited university. Accreditation by The Higher Learning Commission signifies that the university meets quality standards and is engaged in continuous improvement.

2. Selection
The School of Lifelong Learning offers a wide variety of online courses and Learning Paths for nurses. For instance, Meeting the Leadership Challenge is designed to help nurses develop leadership skills in a professional development Learning Path that is estimated to take just 36 hours to complete. The course Information Management and Patient Care Technology provides undergraduate-level education in nursing informatics. Advanced Pharmacology offers a graduate-level foundation in drug therapy principles.

3. Applicability
Walden courses provide education that nurses can immediately put to use on the job. School of Lifelong Learning for-credit courses at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels may be able to be transferred to a Walden degree program. Some courses may meet licensure requirements. Some professional development courses provide CEU (continuing education unit) credits or nursing contact hours, and many earn the learner a Professional Certificate.

4. Convenience
Online education frees you from driving to a campus to take classes at a specific time. Most of Walden’s courses, including School of Lifelong Learning courses, can be completed from anywhere you have an internet connection.

5. Speed
Online professional development courses are available immediately upon registration and can be completed anytime within a 180-day time frame. Undergraduate-level courses start within six weeks and last for six weeks. Graduate- and doctoral-level courses require 11 weeks for completion.

In the dynamic field of nursing, it’s critical to consider options to prepare you for your next career step. Online learning through an accredited university is a smart, convenient way to take professional development courses. Walden’s School of Lifelong Learning offers quality, flexible continuing education options to empower nurses at all stages of their careers.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering online courses for credit and professional development courses through the School of Lifelong Learning. Learn new skills in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

Learners are responsible for consulting with the appropriate licensing, credentialing, or certifying authority; local school district; employer; or other organization to determine whether a course will be accepted by that organization. Walden does not guarantee acceptance by any third party for any specific purpose.

Walden Professional Certificates are not designed to be licensure-leading, and courses may not count toward state or local educational requirements for continuing education, certification, employment, licensure, or other credential or authority to practice.

Individuals enrolled in learning opportunities to obtain a Walden Professional Certificate will be enrolled as non-matriculating Walden School of Lifelong Learning students. Walden School of Lifelong Learning students may not be granted full access to all university services and resources. In the event that an individual chooses to enroll in a Walden University degree program, the university will review any prior learning completed by the student, including the Professional Certificate and the record of a successful completion of a learning assessment, and Walden University may award credit toward a Walden degree program.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,