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Careers With Plenty of Opportunity

Learn more about careers with great opportunity both now and for years to come.

When choosing a career, you are likely to look for one with plenty of opportunity. Whether it’s the opportunity to make a difference, earn a great salary, or have ample jobs prospects, it is important to find a career that helps you achieve your goals. Let’s take a closer look at five careers that offer opportunity now and in the future, and the degrees that can help you get there.

  1. 1. Software Developer — BS or MS in Information Technology

    The work of software developers is everywhere, and that is only going to increase in coming years. Every application you use for school, work, or pleasure was created by a software developer. Being a software developer can mean writing new code or working on updates to existing programs. Developers are in high demand right now, and that trend is expected to continue for several years. That’s because nearly every type of business needs software developers. They work in a variety of industries for government, for-profit, and nonprofit companies.1 If you like to solve problems and think outside the box, a career in software development might be a perfect fit.

    Careers With Plenty of Opportunity

  2. 2. Commercial Project Manager — MS in Project Management

    Commercial project managers typically identify where commercial projects will be successful and work on project scheduling and funding. As the project moves along, they are responsible for negotiating contracts with all parties, and they also ensure costs are managed throughout the entire project.2 Commercial project managers possess a skill set that is in high demand.

  3. 3. Information Security Analyst — Master of Information Systems Management

    Cyberattacks happen frequently, and more professionals are needed to keep companies safe from these devastating events. Information security analysts create the defenses to protect a business from cyberattack. They might monitor for signs that a breach is in progress or implement the technology to prevent it from happening. An information security analyst will also be heavily involved in developing the disaster recovery plan for their organization. This plan details how the business will continue to function when faced with a natural or man-made disaster.3 Cyber risks are pervasive, therefore there is a lot of opportunity for a career in information security.

  4. 4/5. Accountants and Auditors — BS or MS in Accounting

    Every business needs to maintain financial order to grow and be successful. That means accountants and auditors will have plenty of opportunity for years to come. Essentially, accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records. They are responsible for making sure records are accurate and that taxes are paid correctly. Accountants and auditors can work with a specific type of business, or with many types of companies.4 Regardless of industry, businesses benefit from the support of an accountant or auditor, which means both careers will remain promising for many years to come.

There’s plenty of opportunity in these fields and more. If you want a career you love that stands the test of time, consider earning a degree in a field that interests you. Online degree programs are a great way to change your career path without disrupting your life. Earning a degree online from an accredited university can give you the flexibility you need and the career you want.

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