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8 Things Cybersecurity Professionals Need to Know

Find out what lies ahead in the world of cybersecurity.

The growing popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) increases the need for cybersecurity professionals. Secure networked connections are the backbone of trillions of dollars of global economic and information activities.

So, what do cybersecurity professionals need to know about what lies ahead with IoT? Here is a quick look.1

8 Things Cybersecurity Professionals Need to Know

  1. There will be much more to defend. By 2025, an estimated 21 billion devices will be connected,2 greatly widening the space that cybersecurity professionals will need to defend.
  2. Artificial intelligence will continue to grow in scope and more data on our habits will be collected.
  3. Privacy and security concerns will grow as more devices connect directly to networks rather than to Wi-Fi routers.
  4. Incident recovery, or remediation, will become more urgent and complex, especially for businesses facing heavy financial loss in the face of a cybersecurity breach.
  5. An expanded risk to human life will surface due to the increasing number of critical life-saving systems relying on computer networks to function.
  6. Accountability will play a key role, as cybersecurity departments ensure all devices, data, and their owners are accounted for.
  7. Threat awareness or spotting problems before they occur will be a top priority for cybersecurity professionals.
  8. Cybersecurity professionals and the technologies they use to defend their networks must be able to respond quickly and effectively.

Staying safe and secure online is such an important priority in the U.S. that in 2004, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security teamed with the National Cybersecurity Alliance to establish National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.3 Celebrated each October, the initiative is aimed at helping families protect their homes against cyber threats, educating the public on careers in cybersecurity, ensuring online safety at work, and safeguarding the nation’s critical infrastructure. And Walden University helps prepare the cybersecurity professionals of tomorrow by offering degree programs at the master's and doctoral levels in cybersecurity, data science, and information technology. These programs help answer the world's call for cybersecurity professionals to handle the growing dependence on information systems. Explore Walden’s MS in Cybersecurity, for example, and see how you can improve your skills in order to better protect vulnerable organizations.

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