Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education

Through our Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education, you can refresh your skills, gain new knowledge, and even earn credit to satisfy credentials or licenses with our certificate programs and individual courses.
We offer a diverse portfolio of professional development offerings to help you become more competitive in your field or give you the opportunity to explore a new interest. Credit from many certificates and courses can be applied toward a Walden degree. Certificates and courses are available in growing fields such as business, counseling, education, nursing, psychology, and public policy and administration.

Choose from:

  • Certificates
    Our certificate programs offer the same collaborative and convenient online learning experience as our degree programs and are taught by faculty members who are experts in their fields. Certificates have grown to represent 22% of postsecondary education, making them the fastest growing credential.*
  • Instructor-led courses
    We offer a wide range of continuing education courses in popular areas of study such as education, management, nursing, and more. Learn from faculty members who are experts in their fields while benefiting from the flexibility to participate in classes on a weekly basis whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Professional Development Courses
    Choose from more than 200 hands-on courses to earn credits toward a bachelor’s degree, prepare for professional certifications, or simply learn something new. These courses offer a wide range of professional development covering topics in business, human resources (HR), project management, and information technology (IT). We invite you to try these short, convenient courses for 30 days—at no cost. You will experience what it’s like to learn online and gain in-demand career capabilities at the same time.

Discover how our certificate programs and courses can help you meet your professional goals. Request information or speak with an enrollment advisor by calling 1-866-492-5336. A list of international toll-free phone numbers is available for students outside the United States.

*Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, “Certificates: Gateway to Gainful Employment and College Degrees,” by Anthony P. Carnevale, Stephen J. Rose, and Andrew R. Hanson, 2012, on the Internet at (viewed online June 26, 2013).