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5 Careers to Put Your Online Accounting Degree to Work

Online accounting degrees provide a versatile education for careers that go far beyond tax season.

When you think about earning a degree in accounting, you probably think about a career as an accountant, which inevitably makes you think of tax season. What you may not realize is that a degree program in accounting—whether you’re pursuing your bachelor’s in accounting or master’s in accounting online—provides a versatile business education that can lead to a variety of fulfilling careers that go far beyond doing taxes.


Believe it or not, accountants do much more than help individuals and businesses file their taxes. Whether you pursue a bachelor’s in accounting or a master’s in accounting, your education will prepare you to create budgets, help your clients develop financial projections, represent clients in court, provide bookkeeping services, file tax extensions, and organize financial statements.

5 Careers to Put Your Online Accounting Degree to Work


While most tend to associate a bachelor’s in accounting or master’s in accounting (more specifically an MS in Accounting) with a career as an accountant, another interesting option is the role of auditor. What’s the difference between the two? While an accountant prepares financial records, an auditor examines them. Auditors play an essential role in both business and government, including reviewing internal controls and examining financial records for errors and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Budget Analyst

When it comes to finances, are you a big-picture person? If so, you may enjoy putting your online accounting degree to work as a budget analyst. In this role, you’ll help public and private organizations develop organization-wide budgets, monitor spending, organize finances, estimate future cash flow needs, make recommendations to management, and much more. While elected officials and executives may make the final call on organizational budgets, budget analysts are the unsung heroes behind the numbers, providing the information and recommendations needed to make important financial decisions.

Credit Analyst

Another interesting way to put your bachelor’s in accounting or MS in Accounting to work is as a credit analyst. As the title suggests, in this role you’ll analyze the credit-worthiness of both individuals and businesses through financial data—such as payment history, earnings, debt, and more—and determine the amount of risk involved in offering these applicants credit or loans. This career goes far beyond credit cards. Credit analysts work in investment firms, credit rating agencies, banks, and more.

Financial Examiner

Interested in ensuring that financial institutions run smoothly and treat borrowers fairly? An online master’s in accounting or bachelor’s in accounting can also prepare you for a career as a financial examiner. In this role, you’ll act as a watchdog in the banking industry, certifying that financial institutions are compliant with the laws governing them. You’ll evaluate bank management practices, examine balance sheets, assess the risk level of loans, and much more.

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