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Education is a Catalyst for Social Change

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Partner with Walden and Progress Together

With Walden, go beyond articulation opportunities by focusing on student, faculty, and staff enrichment.

Transfer Students – Walden offers a road map to your bachelor’s

Achieve your higher education goals and make a greater difference in your community. Potentially speed up your degree completion and reduce your cost by receiving credit for previous coursework. Review our Transfer of Credit page and bachelor's programs for more details.

Staff – Explore our career path in higher education

With a degree from Walden, you can diversify your career options and make a greater difference. Set your own pace, rearrange your course order, and choose your own deadlines by completing your degree in the Tempo Learning® format. We offer this for some of our bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Faculty – Take your academic career to the next level

Gain professional influence—and the satisfaction of achieving your academic goal—by completing your doctoral degree with Walden. Choose from over 20 doctoral degree programs.

Benefits of a Partnership with Walden

We have a proven track record in collaborating with organizations around the world, including businesses, health systems, school districts, and more. Walden can support your talent development strategies through:

Exclusive savings

Walden offers tuition savings, grant, and scholarship opportunities designed to help offset out-of-pocket costs.

Different learning styles

Whether you are interested in traditional course-based programs, Tempo Learning® competency-based programs, single courses, or certificates, Walden offers online educational options designed to fit your needs and full schedule.

multiple degree levels

Advance your career and education with over 100 degree and certificate programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.

Easily transfer credits

Customized transfer pathways to Walden degree programs encourage students to remain focused on their goals and maximize transfer credits, potentially accelerating program completion and reducing costs.