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What Marketing Managers Should Know About Powerful Graphics

Learn four keys to using graphics to create dynamic marketing.

Incorporating graphics into your marketing strategy is a simple yet effective way to engage customers and communicate your purpose. Photos, drawings, videos, infographics, and even motion graphics all help build brand awareness for a company and can influence a customer’s decision-making process. Let’s explore the power of graphics further and look at some things marketing managers should know about using them to enhance marketing effectiveness.

What Marketing Managers Should Know About Powerful Graphics

1. Making the Complex Understandable

Graphics can help convey vast amounts of complex information in a way that can be easily understood. In fact, studies have shown that our ability to process images visually is nearly instantaneous,1 making it easier for people to understand something complex when it is represented in a graphic or video form. Graphics don’t just make information more pleasing to the eye, they actually make it easier to communicate information in a time-efficient way that maximizes viewer comprehension.2

Graphics can be especially useful in a marketing strategy for complex communications like tutorials, processes, and abstract concepts.3 Motion graphics show how something is done rather than explaining through text. Diagrams and animations are also very effective for describing processes.

2. Powerful Performance

All marketing is geared toward getting someone to take action. Digital media strategies that utilize graphics are no different. Each digital image has an intended action, such as clicking a link, leaving a comment, subscribing, providing contact information, or buying a product. These actions are encouraged through a “call to action.” A graphical call to action will grab users’ attention and help them take one more step toward becoming a customer.4 Overall, graphics are an excellent way to help consumers take an intended action and progress them through the buying process.

3. Showcasing Your Offering

Every marketing strategy is geared toward showcasing a product or service, and graphics play a key role. Graphics are an easy way to promote a product or service—using a graphic in an e-mail, tweet, or post makes it seamless for someone to click and learn more. Graphics eliminate the barriers found in other types of communication and make it easy for someone to follow through on your call to action.5

4. Increasing Sales

Recent studies show that consumers purchase more products from a retailer after watching a video about the product. Shoppers feel videos give them a better understanding of it.6

Graphics have become an essential part of any marketing strategy because they are effective in getting consumers to take an intended action. Whether you want your audience to understand complex information, click a link, appreciate the attributes of your product, or buy what you are marketing, graphics are powerful.

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