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Key Factors That Influence How Entrepreneurs Design and Market Mobile Game Applications

Learn about the key factors that influence marketing strategies of entrepreneurs as they design and create mobile game applications.

Achieving ‘killer app’ status is what every mobile application entrepreneur strives for. Today’s virtual playing field is highly competitive, with more than 5.7 million apps available for download from the top five app stores alone.1 While it is possible to make it rich developing apps, you may want to give some consideration to the marketing required for an app to make the top ranking lists of leading online app stores like Google Play and iTunes.

It may come as no surprise that being a great developer isn’t enough to make an application successful. You also need the skills of a savvy mobile marketer. Research conducted by three Walden University doctoral candidates explored the world of mobile application entrepreneurs to examine various marketing strategies and which are the most successful. Collecting data from 20 mobile game application entrepreneurs, the team identified seven key factors that influenced the marketing strategies. These were grouped into primary and secondary themes which included:

Marketing challenges
Social networks
Number of downloads as a measure of success
Financing opportunities
Consumer awareness
Marketing strategies

Word of mouth
Number of downloads as a measure of success
Consumer awareness

Which of these themes proved to be the most effective? According to Dr. Talaya C. Waller, a portfolio is key. “The life cycle of a user for a game is not long. They often get tired of one and move to the next. That’s why it’s best to do ‘in-app’ marketing of your own portfolio of games. If you already have multiple games, you can integrate one into the other.” Another key to strong mobile app marketing is making sure you properly define your target audience. “After you establish your game, you need to think about your target audience and make sure you’re not marketing a product or service to the wrong audience,” continued Dr. Waller. “Consider who the most likely audience would be. Know their age, and where they’re located—which could be a region of the county, or a different county altogether.”

Learn more about the research conducted by graduates of Walden University’s doctoral program and featured in the International Journal of Applied Management and Technology, entitled “Marketing Strategies of Mobile Game Application Entrepreneurs.”

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