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Get Inside the Heads of the Three Customer Types

Knowing how your customers think can only strengthen your marketing.

To sell a product, the savvy marketer gets inside the customers’ heads. It’s not enough to offer a superior product or a bargain price. The successful business understands what motivates different types of customers to spend and how to reach those customers.

An article on the blog Neuromarketing breaks down customers into three broad types:*


  • The Frugal Spender: The frugal spender feels pain in anticipation of buyer’s remorse, and so will not spend money without an exceptional reason. Frugal spenders are planners, and they are looking for a good deal. They do not respond to messages of luxury or indulgence. Instead, they respond to messages of the potential pain or loss if they don’t take an opportunity. Frugal spenders also respond to information-heavy pitches. They need to be shown the product is worth it.
  • The Spendthrift: Spendthrifts are the easy sale because they experience pleasure from the act of buying. Spendthrifts aren’t worried about price or practicality. They respond best to pictures, colors, and emotional language. The caution is that this is the opposite of frugal spenders, and spendthrifts are a smaller percentage of the population. Advertising has to be carefully targeted to bring in these sales without alienating the frugal spenders.
  • The Average Spenders: Most customers reside somewhere in the murky middle. They have a rough budget to keep track of their spending but may occasionally impulse buy. Average spenders tend to consider the data, weighing up pros and cons. As such, average spenders respond to a mix of the emotional appeal that gets the spendthrift and the logical appeal that gets the more frugal. Average spenders are especially susceptible to “extras,” such as bonuses, warranties, and guarantees.

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