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7 Ways to Manage Your Work Stress

Work stress can adversely affect your career, health, and life. Find ways to lessen stress and manage the stressful situations that can't be eliminated.

Stress is just a fact of life, including with most jobs. In this fast-paced world, workplaces are often asking employees to take on multiple roles and responsibilities. The recent job market has amplified these effects, with low salaries, uncertain futures, and increased workloads. Stress can damage not only your health but also your career prospects. You can't perform at your best, especially when it comes to managing others, when you’re overwhelmed with stress or even missing work because of illness.


The American Psychological Association offers seven tips for managing your stress at work:1

  1. Track your stressors: Write down what causes you stress at work and how you respond. Look for patterns of what raises your stress level and the best ways to bring it back under control.
  2. Develop healthy responses: Sleep, exercise, and relaxing activities will help more in the long run than junk food, alcohol, or just bottling it up.
  3. Establish boundaries: Sometimes you have to turn off your cellphone and walk away from your e-mail. You can't be available 24 hours a day.
  4. Take time to recharge: Use your vacation time if you can, because your body needs a chance to replenish and return to pre-stress levels. If you can't take a vacation, find some time to relax, unwind, or focus on a non-work activity.
  5. Learn how to relax: It's not enough to just not be at work. Learn how to focus on some activity and be fully engaged in that moment.
  6. Talk to your supervisor: It is in the company's best interest to have you operating at full capacity, rather than being too stressed out to fully focus. Work out a plan to manage your stress level while still performing your job functions. This can include improving your time-management skills or tapping into company wellness benefits.
  7. Get some support: You're not in this alone. Friends, family, and even counseling professionals can help you manage your stress before it overwhelms you.

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