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Tips for Selecting a Career in Information Technology

A little research can help you choose the right IT degree for the best IT jobs.

Cybersecurity. Big data. Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Technology fills just about every corner of our lives, especially in business. But having all this tech means we need people who can help design, program, protect, and maintain the technology itself and the networks much of our modern tech runs on. In fact, we need so many of these people, a number of the 30 highest-paying in-demand jobs in America are technology jobs.1

Clearly, if you want a job in an industry that’s growing and that gives you an opportunity to make a great living, you should check out careers in information technology. But how can you find the IT job that’s right for you? Here are some tips:

Tips for Selecting a Career in Information Technology

Match Your Personality With Your Job

Different IT jobs fit different types of people. Before you enroll in an IT degree program or start applying for jobs, you should take time to research the requirements, demands, and responsibilities of all the IT jobs you find interesting. Some of the most common IT and computer science jobs include:

  • Cybersecurity analyst/security analyst: Protecting government office and businesses from a host of cyber threats is the primary role of a cybersecurity analyst. They’re also key at planning and implementing the security measures what keep valuable data safe.
  • Data analyst/data architect: In the IT world, data architects build the systems and programs necessary to manage an organizations valuable data. The data analyst translates this valuable data in order to help companies make the best decisions possible.
  • Computer programmer: Experts at coding, computer programmers are the workhorses of any technology that runs on software. This is a great job if you like working on the details of a project.
  • Software engineer/software developer: Software engineers and software developers are the brains behind the creation of new software. Both are great jobs for people who are inventive, enjoy challenges, and can navigate complex problems.
  • Database administrator: Everything from online shopping sites to online gaming requires databases filled with information. Database administrators maintain the integrity of those databases, ensuring they function optimally. It’s a great job if you’re detail oriented and able to foresee potential problems before they occur.
  • Systems analyst: Systems analysts design and analyze the networks on which technology operates. They tend to handle both the hardware and software components, which makes this a great job for those who enjoy building systems from the ground up.
  • System administrator: If your business network crashes or slows to a crawl, your business is in danger of losing money. System administrators work to keep computer systems functioning. It’s a great job for anyone who can think several steps ahead and handle potential crises.
  • Chief information officer: Chief information officers run a business’ information systems department. This is a great job if you have management skill and aspire to a top-level position in a company.

Review the Data on IT Jobs

Is the IT job you want readily available where you live? Is demand for the job increasing or declining? Will the job pay what you want to earn? Before you take a step like earning an IT, cybersecurity, data engineering or computer science degree, it’s a good idea to answer these and other questions. Fortunately, the internet provides plenty of resources. In particular, you should review the data at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This U.S. government department provides detailed information that can help you make the right career choice. For instance, you can learn what IT and computer science jobs are most in demand in your region and find out local details on computer programming salaries, software engineering salaries, system administrator salaries, and much more.

Consider Potential Degrees

Many of the best IT jobs require an advanced degree. So, which information technology degree should you earn? At the master’s level, some of the best degrees available include:

At the right university, you can gain the skills needed to hold a senior position in such in-demand fields as cyber security, big data analytics, information technology, or software engineering.

Take a Look at Online Learning

An online university can make completing an IT degree program more possible than you ever thought. Instead of having to take time off from your current job to attend classes on a campus, you can complete the majority of your coursework from home and on a flexible schedule you can fit around all your other responsibilities. Through online education, you can gain the degree you need to pursue the IT career that best fits you.

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